10 9 / 2012

Sand under a 250x magnification

Sand under a 250x magnification

09 9 / 2012

Doug Mills of the New York Times tweeted this photo of Barack Obama getting lifted in the air by Big Apple Pizza owner (and bear hug enthusiast) Scott Van Duzer. Not to be outdone, Joe Biden posed with a female biker sitting on his lap.

24 8 / 2012

I want a cool chicken coop like these!

27 7 / 2012

27 7 / 2012

The picture and title of this cracked me up!!!

Toddlers not only can comprehen what is “right” from what is “wrong,” but they’re also able to understand that a set of rules can apply to one group of people and not another, according to new research at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

21 7 / 2012

Please let me NEVER become THIS kinda “chicken lady”:

A man in Utah couldn’t stop looking at these weird goats, so he did the obvious thing: he started dressing like one and frolicking with a goat herd through the Utah wilderness.

20 7 / 2012

I haven’t commented on the tragedy in Colorado. I haven’t wanted to read the news. I have an obvious aversion to news stories where someone is senselessly shot and killed. But after finding out that one a victim (shot, but alive), is a family friend, I feel like I should say something.

There is no excuse for this. My heart breaks for the victims, the families & the survivors who will be haunted by what they went through and witnessed. My heart, prayers & love are being sent their way.  

There’s no excuse that this murderer’s (I won’t say his name and give his name fame or infamy) friends & family didn’t see this coming. There’s no excuse that someone like the murderer had access to those kinds of weapons. I hate guns. I don’t think they should be completely banned, but I think that most people don’t need to and shouldn’t own one! No one has a good reason to own an assault rifle! Why did this murderer have access to that kind of weaponry when so many people can’t even afford health care or have access to basic human needs?! It’s sad, infuriating and incidents like this are the result of poor judgement that is a common theme in our country’s politics. Both sides. *soap box dismount*

20 7 / 2012

We’re so glad that a Redditor dad posted his daughter’s “unexpected response to a writing assignment about being female”: “We have veginas. We get jobs.

18 7 / 2012

Regardless of politics, growing food & shopping and exchanging on a local level is good for all of us!

Regardless of politics, growing food & shopping and exchanging on a local level is good for all of us!

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Hand Embroidered New York Times by Lauren DiCioccio

(Source: machine-factory, via remediosthebeauty)